Welcome to Seen by Joya,

I recently started thinking about creating a new blog (instead of this enjoyaparadise). For enjoyaparadise I was using WordPress, but I felt too limited in the input from my side. So the idea of using Blogger instead came up to my mind. The content doesn’t change, it’s just the lay-out that gets a refreshment. I’ve been working on this new blog for some weeks now and I hope you like it!
A second element that changed is the name. I found enjoyaparadise a little too childish and unprofessional. Sooooooooo I called this new blog Seen by Joya. The “meaning” of it: showing you how the world looks like through my eyes. In particular: fashion, healthy lifestyle and traveling.
I’ve been talking about it a lot, but finally on Seen by Joya, I will be posting streetstyle pictures (taken by me). The main city where I will be active is Antwerp, Belgium. In the future, I hope to go abroad to cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.
I’d love to know what your thoughts on the new blog are, so let me know :):)


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