LIFESTYLE | What about a X-mas wishlist?

Yayyy Christmas time is coming and I'm very exited about it. Have you guys already made a wishlist? Here's some inspiration to put next to your other items on your wishlist. What's in the picture?

Today my sister gave me the book How to be Parisian as a present for my birthday (which was on my book-wishlist) and I LOVE it. 

Secondly, I got spoiled by with this amazing MARBLE case. I had been searching for such a long time for a nice and solid iPhone case, as you have a lot of crappy iPhone cases.. So when @caseapp came by on my Instagram, I checked it out and their cases are really cool (AND solid). Go check it out on

Thirdly, I treated myself with this cosy sheepskin by IKEA. It's suuuuuper soft, which is nice to lay on when it's cold outside. Plus, it's timeless.

Let me know what's on you X-mas wishlist!


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