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Guess who (finally) turned 18 this week..

Since all friends turned 18 already and I'm one of the last ones, it already felt like I was 18 too, so there wasn't this hugeeee different feeling. BUT of course I wanted to celebrate it. Went out with some friends on Sunday and had a pizza-delivery-birthday-party at my place in Antwerp on Tuesday. On Monday (birthday itself) I was actually at home with my best friend and family to just chill-out a bit. I received the cutest presents ever. Of some of them, I already posted a picture on my Instagram account. I put one in this blogpost too (scroll down). Oh yeah, it's my own Daniel Wellington watch. I find it SUCH a pretty watch and at the same time it is timeless and I'm sure I'll never get bored of it.

Another SUPER-present were these balloons, I received from my best friend. I had been talking about balloons and the idea of making some pictures and a blogpost of it. Soooo she got this little kid balloons and we went outside shooting with balloons, which was very funny.

About what I'm wearing:
First of all, I'm wearing a skirt, which is pretty rare for me. I usually don't like to wear short skirts, but when I saw this one, it was love at first sight. The grey sweather I'm wearing, I actually borrowed from my sister, is so so comfy. You would think he isn't that warm, but he sure is! The accessory I really wanted to wear but my best friend found it a bit weird, are my sunglasses. Why not wear sunglasses in winter-time? When the sun's shining, I'll be out there wearing my sunglasses. Oh by the way, I just bought them on ASOS and I find them so cool. Something different from the rest let's say. Of courseee my white T-shirt could not be forgotten too. Last but not least I'm wearing a basic little black bag.

This might also be a nice opportunity to thank all of you guys for the sweet comments and support! Really appreciate that :)


Pictures by Billie Gielen and Lauren Vanderstukken

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