FASHION | Amsterdam shoot

Hi folks! I've been looking forward to sharing this pictures with you and now it's finally happening, yay! 

Some months ago, Morgane asked me to shoot with her. She is a young, ambitious and very talented photographer, with whom I love to work with. Last month the both of us got together again for a shoot in AMSTERDAM. I was soooo excited about it and even more when I heard we would be working together with Ina (MUA), Sato (styling) and Tani (cute little girl, my god!). Along with the last picture you can find their names and links to their Facebook pages.

I don't really want to write much about this, because this post is all about the pictures. 

One funny thing I'm sharing with you guys is that the weather was so cold, our bodies were shaking like crazy. Once the pictures were taken, we jumped in the car, changed clothes and jumped out again in the cold for the next outfit. At the end of the day we were very glad to put our warm clothes back on and could actually have a laugh about it. Winter was coming, oh yeah!

Enjoy enjoy, I would say. Really hope you like the pictures as much as I do.



Photographer: Morgane Gielen // Facebook & Tumblr
MUA: Ina Libbrecht // Facebook
Styling: Sato Okoro // Facebook
In the picture: Tani Leisink & me