FASHION | Paul Smith exhibition at the Fashionmuseum of Hasselt

Hi hi guys! So happy to tell you about my Thursday evening, where I had the chance to meet Sir Paul Smith. Yes, we actually should say Sir! Paul Smith is a brand I've known for a long time. We all know the stripe pattern with the 28 colors which is very famous all over the world, but who is Paul Smith himself? What kind of person is he? How did he create the stripe pattern? These questions came to my mind when I got invited by Sony to attend a tour around the exhibition. While reading and watching some of his interviews, I already got the feeling that he would be a very kind and open man. 
Arriving at the Fashionmuseum of Hasselt, I felt really nervous. Little and new blogger, Joya, was going to meet THE Paul Smith. While we were waiting for some other bloggers to arrive, all of a sudden Paul Smith walked into the room and shook my hand. "Let's start!", he said. We followed him around till we came to a huge wall full of pictures, paintings, letters, etc. "These pictures may have no financial value, but to ME they're worth the world". This one sentence impressed me a lot and I'm sure I will remember it my whole life. At that point it was clear to me that Paul Smith is an open book who was going to share not only his work with us, but right from the start also his personal inspiration and beliefs.

Continuing our tour through the exhibition, the following two stops were surprising and created in a very unique way. Not going to tell you too much about them because I think you should go and discover them yourself. Right before going upstairs, there was a huge Sony screen, a 4K Ultra HD screen which gives you very nice colors, terrific details and an impressive contrast. We could see two male acrobats who were only wearing underwear by Paul Smith. Also they were walking a cord in the South of France. Mr. Smith explained that this was his new campaign for Paul Smith underwear. He didn't want the campaign to be normal and two male models just posing in front of his camera. He wanted to do something new, something different than the other brands. In his life, it has all been about lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is not walking the obvious route, but trying to break the rules and find another routes than the one everyone is taking. This is something he really wanted us to know and he repeated it several times. I think this was the best advice someone could give me. I really feel like this man told me the thing I want to achieve in my life and also in blogging. Lateral thinking. 

You might be wondering "what about the clothes?!". Well that was one of the last parts of the exhibition. Cool thing to know is that there were some pieces of his newest collection AND a jacket that was worn by David Bowie, who was actually a friend of his he had known during his youth.

Normally we would all have been able to ask Paul Smith this one single question, but as we were walking through the exhibition, he answered all of our questions by just telling his story. Of course we asked some questions during the walk and he answered very openly and wasn't annoyed or feeling uncomfortable at all. 

Something I discovered about Paul Smith is that he is a photographer himself. Not only is he a BIG fan of Instagram (@paulsmithdesign), where he just takes pictures from what he sees, he also took pictures for some of his own campaigns. Paul Smith was very open and above all the expectations he seemed to be even more passionate but still down to earth. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that he really wanted us to feel his passion about his work and life.

I'm finishing up guys, because I need to go pack for my trip to Amsterdam tomorrow. I hope you liked this post anddddd don't forget to check SeenbyJoya on Facebook. I'll be doing my FIRST giveaway in a few days :)


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Pictures by the lovely Billie Gielen