Amsterdam hotspots

Hello! I'm writing this post on my way back home. The last glimpse of Amsterdam has passed my eyes. Amsterdam, a city that has been visited by a lot of Belgians I guess. By train it takes only one hour and a half to get there (if you depart from Antwerp). Still it is a city I had never really visited before (except from the shoot I did with Morgane Gielen some months ago). For our 18th birthday Lauren and I gave each other this trip to Amsterdam. We've been searching for the coolest places in town. In this blogpost I'm sharing all these amazing spots we checked out AND discovered: from shopping to great spots to take out delicious coffee (we went crazy on coffee, not only because it's delicious, but also to keep us warm). 


Coffee and food


While I was searching for some unique shops in Amsterdam, I bumped into this shop called Marie-Stella-Maris. I had never heard of it before, but their products seemed nice and as you can see their shop is gorgeous. So we decided to go there and take a look. When Lauren and I walked in, the saleswomen immediately approached us and showed us around. We talked a bit and found out that one of the girls actually had studied in Antwerp. They were very sweet and gave us some samples too. Great scents!! You can also order online (nice tip for Valentine's Day maybe?)

Places to be

Rokin & Kalverstraat | Main shoppingstreets (Zara, H&M, Pull&Bear, etc.)
9 Straatjes | A real must if you want to see the 'cute side' of Amsterdam
P.C. Hooftstraat | More fancy and expensive shops


Happy to share some of my first streetstyle shots with you guys. As I already told you in a previous blogpost, I really want this to become a bigger part of my blog. Becoming better and better at this will be one of my resolutions of 2015 (it's actually harder than I thought). Enjoy!

Special note to the persons in these pictures: thank you very much! I hope you like the pictures :)