FASHION | Paris Fashion Week 11/03/2015

"Why not go to Paris for a day?" was what Billie and I thought when I got my first invite to go to Swarovski's showroom in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Getting an invite for a showroom was like: 'damn what do I have to do? What will happen? Is it in group or alone?'. I will be answering these questions later on :) 
So on the 11th of March,
last day of Paris Fashion Week, we arrived in Paris at 8 o'clock. Next, we decided to first get some shots of my outfit and found the perfect spot, right in front the one and only Eiffel Tower.

After grabbing a coffee at Bert's, we took some awesome streetstyle shots outside the Masha Ma fashionshow. Which was a more calm and not so crowded situation. So we were able to try out our cameras but also get some nice shots. The good thing was that most of the people arrived every 2 minutes, so we could really focus on one person at the time, which was not the case at Moncler at all for example.  All streetstyle pictures will be posted next week and I'm crazy excited about it!! Taking a metro to the next location for our next fashionshow, Moncler, we felt a bit overdressed next to all Parisian people that just went to work in suits or to school in less striking clothes. 

As you might guess, Moncler was the real thing, the real madness, talking about the people that attended the show, but also the amount of streetstyle-photographers. Every time someone came by to enter the show, all cameras were 'attacking' them and going 'click click click' x18634. The atmosphere was awesome though. Photographers having a chat, joking around, but still as focused as possible to not miss a person. Suddenly I saw this guy, called Pier Guido Grassano (maybe more known to you as @piermodelsjam), an awesome streetstyle photographer that I've been following for a long time now. I went up to him and told him about my love for his pictures and he was super friendly. 
The Moncler streetstyle pictures will also be online next week on SeenbyJoya. 

What I do want to share with you now already (because I'm suuuuper excited about it), is a picture of me and Tiany Kiriloff. We finally had the chance to meet each other and what better place to have a chat than Paris? We have been following each other for some time now and she was also one of the few bloggers I knew before I started blogging. Meeting her was so so cool and a big thing to me. She's such an inspirational and talented woman. I look up at her a lot and wish to become as successful as her. I can honestly say that she was as amazing in real life too. But now more about her entrance. The moment Tiany arrived, every single photographer noticed her and almost jumped at her like wild animals. Of course, she was super pretty and all these streetstyle photographers wanted a good shot of her. "Tiany here please, Tiany, Tiany can we see you bag, Tiany!" C R A Z Y. What amazed me was that she kept her cool and even helped the photographers by posing in different ways. I guess I would have already have freaked out because of the mass attention at the same moment. Did I already mention how much of a role model she is to me? :)

Next thing we did was having a cosy lunch at this spot called AntiCafé, a place with a special and very unique concept: you pay for time and AntiCafé provides you with unlimited coffee, tea, snacks and fast Wi-Fi. Perfect right? We sat, ate and drank for about one hour and each of us only had to pay 5 euros. So crazy, but really cool!
P.S.: Best grenadine water and coffee caramel ever. 

Visiting the Swarovski showroom was our last step and AH-MA-ZING. I never really knew that much about Swarovski, apart from the fact that their jewels are gorgeous. When arriving at the showroom on rue Saint Honoré, we were sent to the second floor of this pretty modern building. A very professional and friendly woman took us with her and we were given this private tour around heir Winter Garden Collection. She told us the stories behind some of their new jewels of the Winter Garden Collection. We were asked what we thought the story was behind one set of jewels. Underneath the pictures of some jewels, you'll be able to read more about that.

Big thanks to my friend and photographer Billie Gielen. Do not hesitate to follow her on Instagram :)

I'm wearing:
THE PUBLIC IMAGE coat and skirt | NONAME shoes | RIVER ISLAND backpack | 
KOMONO sunglasses | ZARA T-shirt

Streetstyle shooting Olivia Palermo

At Swarovski

About the set of jewels on the right:
"What do you see?"
Billie and I started talking about rocks in a river, due to the natural colors like green (vegetation) and blue (water). Also it's spiky look with the different gemstones, made us think of this image. Yet we were very wrong. These jewels represent the skyline of New York. How crazy is that? Makes sense though! If you look from beside to the jewels, it is astonishing how much they really look like the skyline of New York. I thought I'd share it with you, because I really caught my attention.

My lovely friend and photographer Billie

Ran into Bryan Boy, one of the best bloggers all over the world (HAPPY ME)

Love from Paris,

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