O My Sunday Morning

Well hi guys! Say hello to this lovely Donna bag from the Suits (inspired on the American series Suits) collection, by O MY BAG. The Donna bucket bag caught my eye the first moment I saw it. This black bag looks classy and is easy to combine with a more classy and even casual look. Another thing I like about O MY BAG is that their products are made of eco-friendly leather, produced in a tannery without the use of harmful chemicals such as chronium, PCP and AZO dyes. Due to this initiative, OMB made their production process twice as progressive and healthy for people and the planet. "In the area of Kolkata, India, every O My Bag is created with love in a safe & positive atmosphere: here fair wages are paid, benefits are provided for, education and training are offered, and women and minorities are given equal-work opportunities." Which one takes your breath away?

More about the trousers and top I'm wearing. After putting down her suitcases full of memories and freedom, Virginie Guarisco decided to create a second label, called My Sunday Morning. The fact that every single piece of clothing has a story, experienced by Virginie herself, makes this really special to me. As I'm a huge fan of traveling and discovering the world and cultures, I appreciate the fact that she was able to make these collected experiences flow into her wonderful designs. 
The colors of this outfit are inspired by nature and immediately give me a major summer-feeling. I really like the 'calm' vibe that comes with it. BAGGY TROUSERS alert again. I feel like the baggy pants will be all over in my closet for this summer and I'm happy about that. As I already told you in my last post, the struggle is real in my search for nice baggy trousers, because it looks so bad so fast. Nowadays I think I'm becoming better at finding the right baggy trousers OR I'm just massively trying them out, because they're just so easy to wear. The top has a bit of look through and during summer I find that a really nice addition to a garment. Why? Because you don't really show off your whole body, but just some skin. 

Heather and I got to know each other through Instagram and decided to work together for Seen by Joya. Also my dear friend and fellow blogger Dries came with us and we had loads of fun. The fun thing about this shoot was the fact that suddenly a guy stopped by with his car and asked us if he could be in the picture too. So he went to park his car and came back for a cute picture with Dries and me! 

Oh oh by the way, I'm wearing my mom's first Ray Ban sunglasses, that she had been wearing when she was 18 years old. So in love with them!


I'm wearing:
MY SUNDAY MORNING trousers and top | O MY BAG eco-friendly bucket bag | Black sandals I bought at a local leather-shop in Greece | DANIEL WELLINGTON watch | RAY BAN sunglasses


Pictures and edit by Heather Dobson