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Here I am again, showing you some gorgeous Clouds of Fashion outfits. For this shoot I worked together with Elien Jansen, the girl behind one of the accounts I have been following on Instagram for a looooong time (@elienjansen). We had not planned on shooting somewhere specific and just started walking around Antwerp and found this amazing spot at Waagnatie. 

OUTFIT 1 | I did not want to focus on one particular color so I decided to go for some contrast in the black and white outfit. The mid-long skirt has been one of my favorite summer-garments, because it's just so easy to wear. I really don't feel comfortable in the super short skirts, so the mid-long and long ones make a perfect replacement. 

OUTFIT 2 |  I have always wanted to try the culottes, but felt a bit scared because it often looks so big to your legs. Yet I tried it this time and I did like them! Combining the culottes with a lace crop top made the outfit a bit less heavy, which was important to me, because I didn't want this "baggy" look :)

OUTFIT 3 | Yellow playful top and shorts, perfect during summer. 


I'm wearing:
CLOUDS OF FASHION complete outfits apart from the glasses (SACHA)

Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfit 3

Pictures and edit by Elien Jansen

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