Obvious opposites

Alowha! First of all, big yay for the lovely weather here in Belgium. Major summerfeelings made me wanna wear this black dress by Kroot, a Belgian brand, for this blogpost. I'm combining it with my forever loved white platform sneakers. 

During the pressdays some pieces of Kroot's newest collection for fall and winter caught my eye and I immediately noticed their 'tough-girl-style', if you know what I mean. Being a huge fan of that style, I fell in love with the brand immediately. As I'm not a real tough girl myself, I found it interesting to create an outfit with this dress in which I stay true to myself and personal style. On top of the black dress, I'm wearing my glitter jacket, a piece that has been in my closet for about two years now and I still love it. To me fashion is all about wearing what you like and never getting tired of it. I can imagine you'd ask "how can you never get bored by at least some pieces". Well my answer to that would be: "Start combining it with other pieces, even those you don't think will fit the look".  One of the things I love to do, is just have a look at my clothes and start combining the most crazy things. Of course the worst outfits ever will be created, but also some unexpected crazy awesome outfits. So there you have it, an older piece, the glitter jacket, combined with my new black Kroot dress. Hope you like it! 

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I'm wearing:
KROOT dress | ZARA jacket | NO NAME shoes | JUTKA EN RISKA sunglasses


MUA: Hanne Timmers