Ibiza by Billie Gielen for seenbyjoya

Hello there! Back in Belgium and sharing these wonderful pictures of Ibiza, taken by Billie Gielen, my lovely friend and main photographer. As we've both been away, we thought, why not share both of our vacation stories on Seen by Joya. So here you go: some life- and streetstyle pictures of Billie's vacay in Ibiza. 

As a team, Billie and I decided to start a new project: “You are www.SEENBYJOYA.com x Billie Gielen “. We will go to different cities such as Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels to shoot streetstyle pictures. In that way we can share with you ‘what we see’ and show you how amazingly cool and interesting people around us can be. All pictures will be posted on my blog, so stay tuned :)


Here's what Billie wrote about her trip to Ibiza:
“The thing I like the most about Ibiza is the island’s diversity. All sorts of people live, wander, chill and offcourse party there together. The atmosphere is unique and the island has so much to offer. It’s a place where yogis, hippies and party people feel at home. Ibiza is the perfect getaway place to eat delicious Spanish food, to chill out on beautiful beaches, to wander around on hippy markets and last but not least to go out with friends till dawn. Each time I set foot on the island and smell that typical sent of fir threes, I feel relaxed. That magical place keeps surprising and inspiring me and I hope it will never stop doing that!”




Pictures by Billie Gielen