NYFW SS16 Billie Gielen for seenbyjoya

Hi there!  In this special blog post Billie Gielen, photographer for SeenbyJoya, will share her experience of going to a fashion show during last week's New York Fashion Week. As she was in New York, we saw the opportunity for her to make a little report for SeenbyJoya about this fashion week and its unique vibes. Also we got her in for the show of Rebecca Vallance, thanks to the lovely Eef Vicca. Hope you like it! Big thanks to Billie.

"Before I took off on my city trip, Joya recommended me to contact Eef Vicca, senior director of fashion for the company ‘Factory PR’. She was extremely nice and before I even knew, I received an invite to go to the Rebecca Vallance fashion show. As a photographer and fashion enthusiast I felt absolutely thrilled and could not wait to go there and photograph the scene."

Eef Vicca - Larsen Thompson - Billie

"Arriving at the address a lot of people were already queuing to get in so I quickly went to the guy in the uniform and as he asked my name I realized this was like a dream come true! Just 6 months ago Joya and I went streetstyle shooting at Paris Fashion Week and now not much later I (for SeenbyJoya) was on the list to see a real fashion show, from the inside this time!"


"As I walked in this large, purple-lit room I immediately noticed that there was no catwalk. Strange you might think!  Instead of a catwalk, all models were standing in front of us on these white blocks that made them look really tall. That way everyone was able to see the clothes very clearly.  The atmosphere was really cool and nightclublike. Also everyone was dressed to perfection (ofcourse!!) and I really liked the collection of Rebecca Vallance. She presented a lot of dresses, so the overall look and feeling was very feminine. I especially liked the leather dresses, they really stood out as well as the black blazer that the model in front was wearing. Very classy and elegant. Curious what it looked like? Check out the pictures below!"

"Ps: The streets of New York look a little differently during fashion week so I tried to capture that too! During fashion week you can definitely feel the city change. You really can't avoid the madness of celebrity, fashion and culture!  Museums suddenly change into catwalk decors and in the streets the number of fashionable outfits increase massively. Gotta love NYFW!"



Pictures and edit by Billie Gielen

This post is written by Billie and all (plus more) pictures can be found on her Flickr page (click HERE).