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Aloha! SPECIAL PROJECT ALERT! Montattoo gave me the opportunity to shoot for their amazingly cool black temporary tattoos. So I wanted to try something different this time.

Two outfits
I chose my first outfit because it shows the tattoos on upper-back really well. I love the contrast between the tattoos and the fringes and more feminine side of the outfit. In my second outfit, I wanted to create this contrast again by going for a baby-pink coat by Magdalena and a black playsuit with lace details. Both outfits, I put on sunglasses by Komono. Definitely one of my favorite brands for sunglasses. Belgian pride, I'd say!

Three locations
As I wanted to show the more edgy side of myself in this video, I combined the tattoos to two 'industrial' locations: Felix Pakhuis, the docks of Antwerp and port of Antwerp. My first outfit was shot at the docks, while the second one was shot at Felix Pakhuis and the port of Antwerp.

My experience and the team
Shooting a video was very new to me and at first I didn't really know what to do when this big camera is put in front of me. Ofcourse working together with an amazing team made it all pretty comfy after a few minutes and we had a great time. Make-up artist for this shoot was Ina Libbrecht, who is such a sweetheart and someone I love working with. She and Céline put on all tattoos all over my upper-back, hands, arms and legs. I decided to work together with Gilles Claes (see picture above) and his friend Robin Van Roy to shoot this video. Two talented guys who love joking around, but at the same time know what they're going.

Find the video below and scroll even more down for some behind the scenes pictures (shot by Céline Radelet). Hope you like it!


I'm wearing:
FIRST OUTFIT: ZARA top and shorts | ALL STAR shoes | ESSENTIEL clutch | KOMONO glasses
SECOND OUTFIT: MAGDALENA coat | ETAM playsuit | KOMONO glasses


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Céline Radelet - behind the scenes pictures
Gilles Claes / ZètaPictures - videographer & edits
Robin Van Roy / Red Bonsai - videographer

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