Banana café - Banana café is a kind of kiosk on the big shopping lane called Avenida Liberdade and was the first spot where we drank a coffee to wake up and start our day. Apart from that we tried some typical pastries of Lisbon: delicious and sweet!
Address: on top of Avenida Liberdade

Café A Brasileira - Old but gold! Just don't go their for lunch, go their for an afternoon sweet pastry, for what they're very known.
Address: Rua Garrett 120

LX Factory - LX Factory is suchhhhh a nice place! Some key words I wrote down while walking around: food - books - art - chill - cool - graffiti - cosy - industrial - old boat warehouse. And I think they tell exactly what this place is about. Gathering art, food and people. 
Address: Rua Rodrigues Faria 103

1300 Taberna - A restaurant at the LX Factory with an industrial and arty design. "Fork-chandeliers", quotes on the walls, different kind of chairs and ah-mazing food. Great service and really one of my favorite restaurants that we visited during this weekend.

Cantina - Semi-industrial restaurant where you can eat all typical Portuguese dishes, also located at the LX Factory. Very cosy atmosphere and relaxed service. Also one of my favorites! 

Our personal Tuk Tuk tour around Alfama, the old part of Lisbon

A reallll must to do is a tour around Alfama by Tuk Tuk. As you can see in the first picture, a Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeler where you can sit in the back while a driver pilots you through the city. As Alfama is the oldest part of the city, it's full of little and very very narrow streets and that's why we took a small TukTuk instead of a car of bus or even the famous tram. Also Alfama is built on a hill, so we wanted to avoid painful legs for the rest of our trip #littlebitlazy? :)
You pay around €35 for an hour and a half and what you get back is: a very unique tour around Alfama and a personal guide that tells you the story of the different places you see. We even got to taste Ginja (a typical local liquor of Lisbon).
Where to find the TukTuk? Well all over the city, but a best catch would be at a central place or square.

Pharmacia - Pharmacia is a restaurant and bar, that I visited to make some pictures and have a drink but due to 'too little time' as always when on a citytrip, we did not eat out there, even though I read a lot of good reviews on it. The main theme, as you might guess, is 'pharmacie', which translates in everything you get when you order drinks and food.
Address: Rua Marechal Saldanha 1

Chiado Factory - Chiado Factory is a cool all-round shop with different shops in it. What inspired me the most was the part where new but also vintage (sun)glasses were sold. For sure a shop to jump in and have a look! Also cool to find some gifts.
Address: Rua da Misericórdia 79

Méson Andaluz - Yummie food and a cool location (on the stairs of a side street of a main shopping road and close to the riverside). I would recommend the risotto with scallops and spinach. Also take a look inside for their great interior (forgot to take some pictures up there, oops).
Address: Travessa do Alecrim 4 

Last but not least: 'riverside chillings' - If you find the time after a day of discovering the city, go to the riverside of the Tagus. All over the place, you'll find bars to have a little aperitif before going out for dinner. The vibes are very relaxed and all Portuguese are chilling around at the riverside.

Some more shots I took around the city of Lisbon