Return of the comfy clothes

Hi there! In my opinion, sweaters should not always be combined with pants so I decided to combine one of my favorite winterskirts with my Rebel sweater by Colourful Rebel.

Both a bit oversized or large and that's the way I like my clothes during winter. One of my major cravings during winter is feeling comfy and warm, as life in Belgium can get really cold those days :) Also I put some heels under the more bumbling pieces. That way I thought it'd make the outfit not toooo 'large'. 

Usually, I'm not that fond of mixing three different colored garnments in one look, but this time a thought 'WHY NOT?'. We went out to shoot in front of this dark portal of the 'Handelsbeurs' in Antwerp, where I've always wanted to shoot. Creating a more dark feeling in this shoot seemed perfect for the outfit I'm wearing. Hope you like it!


I'm wearing:
RIVER ISLAND coat | ZARA skirt | COLOURFUL REBEL sweater | RIVER ISLAND heels | SACHA sunglasses

Pictures by Billie Gielen