Winter stretching out its legs to infinity

Hello there! I'm sharing a minimal co-ord look by Tinsels with you today.
The French brand, Tinsels, is one in the hands of Rémi and Julien. With Lyon as the home base of Tinsels, they placed themselves in the heart of fine fabric. When you'll be scrolling down in a few minutes, you'll see what I mean: the amazing texture and fabric this co-ord was made of. I'm in love!  In this look I mainly want to show that a pretty simple look like this one does its thing. A boyish side, which I really love in an outfit and an amazing quality that's very notable. I'd wear it to go to work, but actually it's also perfect to wear this one to stroll around in the city. PLUS it's super comfy, I'd alsmost say that it feels like you're wearing your PJ's, but you're not (obviously).

Choosing a location to shoot, either I start searching for cool places during the week before we shoot or sometimes Billie and I will just start walking through the city and pick a cool spot we like. That last option was what we did for this shoot. Antwerp is a city full of amazing places and even after one year of living here, I still discover some.

I'm wearing:
TINSELS co-ord top and pants | CARTIER watch | ZARA shoes | SACHA sunglasses

Winter issue 15-16 - by Tinsels

"On the road, winter stretching out its legs to infinity.
In great plains, yellow crystallized wild grasses...
Seeking for authenticity, for bark and wood...
To warm ourselves under our felt hat, under a few alpaca yarns.
Point out the skyline, keep essential, the grey blue of the sky,
the shadows of winter landscapes.
Draw on our log book all along the way those new memories with a pencil..."

Pictures by Billie Gielen