The perfect Christmas presents

The major struggle of finding a nice present for your loved ones has begun. I'm definitely someone who wants to buy original and very personal presents for my friends, family and boyfriend, but I find it very hard at the same time! That way I decided to go look for some cool presents that might be ideal for YOUR loved ones. Hope you like them and let me know if you found the perfect present in this blogpost :)


This first tip goes out to a smartphone case by CaseApp. A few weeks ago I created my own and I'm super happy with it. 
Creating my own was definitely something I wanted to do for a long time, so it seemed cool to share it with you guys. Also you can choose between marble cases, customized cases (with text and/or pictures) and many more. Want to order one? Go to their site and enjoy this 20% discount code (JOYACASEAPP20)! 


How to make a girl happy that likes photography or even just  being creative on Instagram? Buy her a BlackEye fisheye. This awesome little clip with a lens on it creates an amazing effect on your pictures that is called the FISH EYE LOOK. This means that you get to see the object or space that you're photographing wider and a little out of proportion. It's funny and I'm already a big fan. Also this is suitable for every phone. You just put the clip on your phone when you want to use it. It's super easy and it's becoming a indispensable gadget for women and men (so to the girls who are reading this: this might be an awesome gift to your prince charming too :)). A Black Eye fish eye lens costs 29,90, very little for an amazing gift, I think!


Number three might be my absolute favorite gift! The Calvin Klein set is something that I've always wanted because it has this sporty and comfy but still super sexy look and THAT'S why you should surprise your girlfriend (or grandmother if you really want) with it! Want to have a look, click here! Share your look on social media with the Zalando campagne #shareyoursexy :)


Hello perfect present to SHARE! WE Fashion came up with this cool concept of the “She Number One” and “He Number One” perfumes. The idea behind this concept is 'complementary' between couples. They created two perfumes from which the scents match. It's definitely sweet having these perfumes to share with my boyfriend.  They only cost €24,95 and are available in their shops and online shop. Go get that it for you and your boy/girlfriend!

“To bring the feeling of togetherness alive in our fragrance, we have created a celebration of opposites in harmony. It’s all about unified contrasting elements; in the fragrance, the packaging and the campaign images.” – WE Fashion


PUT A RING ON IT! A beautiful, yet minimal ring of a cool brand like Studio Collect is a major hit to surprise a woman with. It's something that you have for life and a ring never gets outdated. The one that I photographed and is my personal favorite costs €185, and to find your perfect jewel, click here

STUDIO COLLECT is a project of four young Belgian jewelry designers that decided to work together and create some amazing pieces. Design and production is led by all four of the designers. A perfect teamwork that leads up to an amazing collection, Bauspiel, inspired by Bauhaus.

THE GOOD NEWS for my Belgian readers: there will be a pop-up store in Antwerp (Kasteelpleinstraat 64) from the 11th till the 24th of December to present their Bauspiel collection. 

Second brand of jewelry that I wanted to present to you is Lore Van Keer. I saw this brand during the pressdays at Marnix & Ally and immediately I wanted to share these rings with you. They're something different because of the timeless look AND the fact that this brand is Belgian :) Hard to choose between this and the previous brands but they'll definitely have something you like!


Last but not least, for the make-up lovers, I wanted to show you this Urban Decay eye shadow palette and my all time favorite lipstick by &OtherStories. Both create a very natural look, so it's not at all a risk to buy for your girlfriend or mother or whoever you want to give this to. I think it suits every woman, even the ones not that into make-up (including me :) ). Make her feel beautiful!

Pictures and edit by me

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