What about 2015?

These were my favorite outfits of 2015!

Essentiel x Disney | more here.
Granny fall | more here.
Mixed patterns in a citylook | more here.
Midi midi | more here.

I'm not gonna write you a book about how memorable (in every way) 2015 was. Still there are some things I would like to mention in this blogpost.. 

First of all, these four outfits are my favorite because: they reflect my personal style, they are definitely key pieces in my wardrobe and I love love love the locations we shot these at. As the search for cool and inspiring locations to combine with the outfits I wear is one of my main goals with SeenbyJoya, 2015 was a year of new discoveries in and out of the city of Antwerp :) Feel free to comment below or to send me on social media what your favorite outfit was!

Secondly, how crazy were those three nominations (Zalando Blogger Awards - Best Newcomer, Knack Weekend Awards - Instagram, Flair Online Talent Award)? I mean, that was kind of super unexpected, yet really really cool! I feel so honored and blessed with all the support I got from YOU. The fact that you're reading this, means that in some kind of way you're interested in what I do and write about and that is amazing to me. So thank you for the support during this year. However, 2015 was not a year of winning any of those awards, yet I feel like these nominations are a personal trophy for SeenbyJoya. I think winning this year would have been a bit too soon for me. Growing in what I do is definitely one of my major goals for the next years. Also once again I would like to congratulate those who did win this year, because they certainly deserved it!

Next, I would like to thank my photographer Billie Gielen, who is one of my best friends and means the world to me. Working together with this girl is a true honor, because she's able to get the best out of me. As we're both very much of a perfectionist, we understand each other so so well. That actually made that some of our shoots only took half an hour to get the full series (to us, that's quick). Our friendship has gotten really strong during this year and I feel really blessed about that. So thanks thanks, Baloe!

And last but least, loads of love to my friends, family, fellow bloggers, Vincent (hottiepototie), Lauren and all of my readers and followers on social media. You're amazing!

My goals for 2016: inspiring more and more people out there, discovering new places and (just like this year) staying true to myself.

And (soon) a happy new year,


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