When business meets style

Hello there! I'm sharing a special brand with you today, called Rodeo Blues. Rodeo Blues is the Spanish little family enterprise led by Asier, a Spanish young man. As they contacted me to write about their handmade leather briefcase, I was super excited and definitely wanted to work together. Not only because they create and produce the bags themselves, which is unique these days, but also because of the passion and love they put into their bags. I think that's super important when buying leather bags. Also, this one creates a professional, yet stylish look, when in business mode.

In this blogpost, I captured their briefcase, called Granada. It has a warm chocolate color (some purple in it too). It contains three interior compartments, six interior pockets of easy and convenient access and a zipper closure reinforced with leather.

A big plus about this bag is its timeless elegance, because of its material and color. The bag costs €349,95, but when you buy a solid leather briefcase, you should not hold back because of the price. Especially not if they're handmade (with love), very exclusive and made of vegetable tanned premium quality leather. To me, that's what's important. You do not buy a decent briefcase every year, right? At least I don't :) So I think this would be a great investment to consider. 

Check out their website and find your perfect match: www.rodeoblues.com.


Pictures taken at Jam. (Eten&Drinken) in Antwerp.

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