ROOM SESSION with Lacoste

Hello there! Hope you're doing fine :) Today's blogpost, I'll be talking about a brand that we all know and we all love, oh yes, Lacoste.

They invited me some weeks ago to discover the launch of their new collection. In this collection, Lacoste has curated the alluring Cambrai (the shoe that I am wearing in this blogpost) harnessing the artisan design techniques that sit at the heart of the brand. What I really like about the shoe is that it is very easy to combine, timeless and classy, all at the same time. As we see in their iconic piqué polo shirt, the Cambrai features the same innovative breathable fabric. Next to that, the full leather welt creates a traditional but stylish switch. 
Funny fact about this shoot: due to a lack of time, we decided to do this shoot at 8:30 in the morning, so that we could go to class afterwards. Pretty proud of Billie, as she's not that much of a morning person. New experiences are the best, right? Gotta go now! Posting some cool new pieces of my wardrobe soon :)


I'm wearing:

Pictures by Billie Gielen