Orange is the new black

Today's blogpost is all about my LOVELY new coat by Pinko. A closer look on our love story...

December 2015. Bumped into this orange coat. Love at first sight. Wise thinking of myself (or not) by telling myself 'if you really want this coat, you'll have to come back during the sales period and buy it then'. So that's what I did. One month of thinking about that coat e v e r y day (maybe a tiny bit exaggerated). The third of January. Run run to the Pinko store. SOLD OUT! You got to be kidding me?! 'We still have the coat in Brussels though?' Y E S puhlease, is that even a question? Two weeks of waiting for my baby to come to Antwerp. There he wasssss. After two months now, we're still very deeply in love. 

So that's our love story. Now more about the coat itself. As I already said, it caught my eye from the very first moment. Not only because of its color, that is not very commonly seen in the street, but also because it is an ultra long coat, which was up until that day a big absence in my wardrobe. So there you have it: killed two birds with one stone. I think this coat, especially because of the color, works in every season. Colorizes the grey mood in autumn. Matches the (white) snow during winter. Brightens spring. (Kind of warm to wear but) fits the sunshine in summer.

Next to the coat in these pictures: woohoow, finally shooting at one of the places that I've always wanted to shoot at, just because it is so damn pretty: Harmonie, Antwerp. It got all covered up with awesome graffiti. So through the years, it became prettier than ever and a true work of art. A year ago, I guess, it was all renewed so I was afraid that the graffiti would have been removed: that wasn't the case (YAY!). Smart city of Antwerp (thumbs up)! They renewed the place and it got even prettier as they built a park next to the building.

Gotta go now, guys! I'm off to Valencia for the weekend. Talk to you soon :) Probably about the trip to share my favorite hotspots. 


I'm wearing:
PINKO coat - ABERCROMBIE dungarees - ZARA turtleneck - NIKE shoes - KOMONO glasses

Pictures by Billie Gielen