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Hi guys! To start of this blogpost, how massively bad is this weather and how frustrated can I even get about that haha! Shooting in this weather? I'd rather not, but as I really wanted to share a new product that I'm currently testing, I decided to defy this ugly weather and report about it to you. Big love for Billie, who told me I'm crazy wanting to shoot in this weather, but who did join me after all and created these lovely pictures :) More about the product now! 

Captain lens is a new Belgian brand of lenses, that you can put on your phone. Doesn't matter which one, as it's suitable for every kind of phone. They're available in black and gold, so you can choose your personal favorite. Apart from that, one of my close friends works for them and asked if I wanted to test their fisheye, wide angled lens and macro lens. So that's what I did and here's the review. What I like the most about these lenses is that they're easy to take with me and they do not take up to much space in my bag, as that one is always overloaded. Also, they're very user-friendly and you don't have to be a pro in photography to create amazing results. When talking about social media, this is often something that I really like about certain accounts, as they use these lenses and raise their pictures to a higher level.

So when you'll be scrolling down after reading this last paragraph (for which I want to thank you :)) you will see some of my results. Next to that, Billie took some pictures while I was photographing one of the prettiest quarters of Antwerp, called Zurenborg. Zurenborg is located in the south-east of Antwerp. What I like about this quarter is that it's actually very 'calm' and some very nice restaurants and cafes are located out there, like the one where we drank a coffee to warm up again after shooting, called Wattman. I hope you like the results! Talk to you later :)

Stay tuned and check my social media today (Instagram: @seenbyjoya and Snapchat: @JoyaKenens), because there will be a awesome giveaway (hint hint) :) 


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More information about Captain Lens on their Facebook-page.

Pictures by Billie Gielen and myself.

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