A Moroccan twist | my Coachella inspiration

Hi there! Sharing another blogpost with you today. For sure one of the coolest locations I've showed you up here so far :) While reading ELLE magazine a few weeks ago, I bumped into one of Antwerp's most unique bed&breakfasts ever: Bayt al-Andalus. The B&B is located in the south of Antwerp, Berchem. Seeing this magnificent location immediately rang a bell to shoot the H&M Coachella collection over there, as the atmosphere and the clothes seemed to match perfectly.

About what I'm wearing
As I already mentioned this location and the Coachella collection pieces seemed to make the perfect match for this shoot. Both are bohemian, Moroccan style with a little twist. Coachella, one of the most famous festivals started today. Unfortunately I would have to go to California, America to join the Coachella vibes, so I thought I'd share them up here on my  blog instead! I'm wearing a co-ord skirt and a long-sleeve top with an amazing print, because (yes yes yes) I love prints. Prints will definitely be seen on the streets during spring and summer this year. I'll be very likely joining this trend :) Please take note of the lace details placed on the ends of the sleeves. Love it! 
The shoes that I'm wearing are my favorite ones from the summer collection by Sweet Lemon. Sweet Lemon is actually a Belgian brand that fabricates their designs in Italy. Their main goal is to create modern, comfortable and fashionable shoes by keeping a close eye on the latest trends and fabricating their shoes with love.
I'm finishing the look with stunning Komono sunglasses. As I already mentioned before, Komono is one of my favorite brands for sunglasses, so I knew they would match the vibe of this blogpost :) Hope you like it!

About Bayt al-Andalus
Entering Bayt al-Andalus was like discovering a beautiful house in Morocco. Their walled garden may be the best kept secret of the whole house. It has a fish pond and is covered with shaded rest areas, all in Moroccan style. The only things you hear are the sound of the water and the birds. Even I got quiet and calm while shooting there (which is kind of a challenge). Now let me tell you the amazing history of this house. It was built in 1909 by Joseph Buerbaum, a Spanish Jew who moved to Belgium in 1909 and built this Moorish inspired house. In 2005, Francis Laleman and his wife renovated the house and created a lovely bed&breakfast. It takes more or less 12 minutes by tram to get to the center of the city, super easy I'd say! And by bike? I have no idea. Find out yourself, you sporty spice! 
Address: Sint Hubertusstraat 93, Berchem
Want to know more about them: click here.


I'm wearing:
H&M top and skirt (Coachella collection) | SWEET LEMON shoes | H&M jewelry

 "A gemstone in Antwerp's architectural patrimony. 
An orientalist extravaganza, built in 1909, 
invoking memories of the golden age of almohad rule in Andalucia."

Pictures by Billie Gielen