Another perspective with Theta 360

Hi guys, I'm writing a little blogpost about a new product that I will be using more frequently in the future to share stories, inspiration and experiences with you. As you might have seen on my Snapchat (@JoyaKenens) or Instagram (@seenbyjoya), I spend last Saturday at Daydream Festival with some friends. We got the opportunity to use the new Ricoh Theta S 360 camera to create a new perspective.

About the camera: what this camera does is capturing two 180 degrees pictures and combine it into one 360 degrees view. You can literally have a whole view of the location where we were and what was happening around us. Pretty cool being at a festival and being around hundreds of people. We connected the camera to our phone to see the results in the special Theta application and afterwards we selected our favorite ones to share with you up here. It was the first time that Billie Gielen, my main photographer, and I used the camera and we were pretty surprised by the ease of use and the amazing results. It's such a new technology I can't wait to use more when sharing experiences and shooting at awesome locations!

These were the first pictures we took and I hope to be sharing more in the next blogposts that I'll write. What to do to see the pictures? Click on the screenshot of the picture you want to see and you'll be taken to the Theta website where you can discover the 360 version of the screenshots. Zoom in, zoom out, turn around and have a look at our crazy experience :) Hope you like it!

Joya (and cutie Billie)

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