The Fallas is a traditional national feast that takes place every year from the 15th until the 19th of March. This is a period of several festivities all over the city. Every night the sky of Valencia is filled with the light and colour of impressive firework displays. The entire city is covered with flaming fallas on the 19th of March. At half past midnight the first prize Falla is burnt and at one o´clock at night the Falla in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is set alight. 

What you see in my pictures are the parades that circulate around the entire city. In it are all kinds of persons, going from children to elderly persons who celebrate the Fallas. The women are called the Falleras. They wear traditional clothing and the women's hairstyle is very strict. At first I found all women dressed the same way, but after a while I did start noticing the several different details to all those dresses. Very impressive!

The festivities of the Fallas created such a cosy and warm atmosphere. I would really recommend going there during that time. Do make sure to not be there the full five days.. It could become a bit too busy for a citytrip as half of the Spanish population seems to move to Valencia during those days. Our timing was perfect to us, as we were able to enjoy the two last days and could take it easy the three next days.


La Petite Brioche - La Petite Brioche is one of the spots we found close to our hotel. We had an amazing breakfast as you can see on the picture below: american pancakes, ham, toast, homemade muesli  and yogurt and fresh zumo de naranja (orange juice). 

Address: Carrer de Sorni 28, Valencia

La Mas BonitaWe had breakfast at La Mas Bonita on the second day of our trip. Why did we go there? Because at least 5 people recommended me to go there. Well to those, thanks a lot! We had a lovely breakfast with GOOD and freshly made croissants, homemade granola and fruitsalad, 'spanish breakfast' and again zumo de naranja :)
Address: Calle Cadiz 61

La Santa La Santa is a spot we bumped into why strolling around in the streets. It is runned by four friends that live in Valencia. If you want to eat delicious tapas between the locals of Valencia, go there! It very charming and their tapas are very good! By the way, La Santa was Vincent's favorite spot :)

Address: Calle Ciscar 13, Valencia

Simple Tienda Simple Tienda is an all-round shop which sells all kinds of goods. I'd call it a gadget store, yet not in the digital sense. Love the bicycle in their front window. Tip: cool place to buy unique souvenirs :)
Address: Cajeros 2, Valencia

Santo SpiritoA cool vintage shop that we passed. We went in and in stead of a smelly old vintage shop, we found this very modern and hipster place. Not to expensive and definitely a good spot to catch some nice pieces of vintage. 

Address: Carrer de Dalt 22

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
The 'Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias' is one piece of amazing architecture by Santiago Calatrava. It includes an interactive museum about technology and science. Sadly enough we didn't have enough time to visit the museum but I was told that it's pretty cool in there :) You might wanna checkt it out, or at least (like we did) go admire the lovely architecture. Very 'instagramable', I must admit.. ;)

Estadio Mestalla
Boys will be boys, so Vin and I went to attend a football match in the HUGE (at least to me it seemed huge) Estadio Mestalla. Its capacity is 55.000 seats. I actually really enjoyed that evening as the atmosphere was amazing and impressive. As a non-football-lover, I would definitely recommend to buy a (only 10 euros in our case) ticket and go enjoy a Spanish football game. To the girls out there, nice way to surprise your boyfriend, right? Score!