BLUE me away

Hey you! Those of you who are reading this and live in Belgium, will probably be aware of the outstanding weather conditions that have been present last week. Astonished by the half an hour of sunshine last week, Billie and I moved outside to shoot this outfit. Baby blue, an awesome color to wear during these days where the weather is as changeable as it can get.

In this look, I'm combining a baby blue sweater that I bought at COS during the sales, yet of course I succeeded in falling in love with this non-sales-sweater ;) I'm a huge fan of this color, because it fits my dark hair. The bagginess (I had no idea this word even existed) of the sweater is a huge plus-point to me, because I love the oversized look. Why? It fits super comfy and I don't have to feel squeezed in my own clothes. Did I already mention that I like to be very comfy in what I'm wearing? Well here you have it :) Don't get me wrong, the skirt that I'm wearing is tight, but this creates a contrast to the more oversized upper pieces. 
As we're in that time of the year where it's hot and cold at the same time, I decided to combine this rather warm sweater with a light overcoat by Baum und Pferdgarden. A few months ago, I wrote about the story of Baum und Pferdgarden here and here. Oh how I love that brand! You'll definitely read more about them in the next blogposts that I'm sharing with you guys :)
To top of the look, I decided to wear my new Dr Martens with the look. I must admit, I've been terrified to wear Dr Martens, as I thought they would make my feet look very big and cumbersome. Wrong thinking! I've tried them on in the shop and they absolutely did not look the way I thought they would look. Since then, we're inseparable and I'm wearing them quite often. Like I've said before in my blogposts: it's all about trying something new and wayyy out of your comfort zone. Nice note to finish this blogpost and go study again, sadly enough..



I'm wearing:

Pictures by Billie Gielen