This year, Australian chef, author and television presenter Karen Martini opened a new piece of paradise called Cala Bonita. The new restaurant is located on the shores of secluded beach S'Estanyol. Sit back and relax, because the food is excellent! I tried the char grilled octopus with taramasalta, roe and oregano and really this was the best octopus I've ever had. And believe me, I've had some ;)

In short: best tapas you can find in Ibiza! The owner of this place has an explicit style and looks like a crazy old man. You'll recognize him immediately. His staff is super friendly and not afraid of joking around. Important to do: make a reservation. People, literally, stand in line to get lucky and get a table. Go check out the amazing atmosphere!

Last but not least one of my favorite spots: Experimental Beach. A lot of people recommended this place because of the unique location: between the salt lakes in the south of Ibiza. Apart from the deserted beach, you find a cosy and pretty looking beach bar / restaurant next to it. Great cocktails, amazing view and yummie food make the perfect mix for a nice day at the beach.

Place to be if you want a more high-end lunch with an amazing view over the Cala Tarida bay. We ordered sushi, as you can see below, which I definitely recommend. The staff is super friendly. Throughout the whole day, you'll be able to enjoy some lounge music.

Sluiz is the craziest interior / goodies / fashion store ever. The sell every-thing you can imagine, going from flashy chairs to thousand different sorts of canned tuna to lamps shaped like a dog. Even if you're not specifically interested in buying things, go discover the crazy stuff and have a laugh ;)

Nice little beach surrounded by rocks. The two restaurants next to it serve delicious fish of great quality. Sit back and relax!

Las Dalias is thé market of the island, where all hippies gather. Awesome place to stroll around in open air and let the hippie vibe get to you. You can buy different sorts of souvenirs, often bio and organically made. Tip: visit the market after a  day at the beach when the temperature has already dropped a bit, because it can be very hot out there! In the middle of the area, there is a bar where you can buy all different cocktails and smoothies. We tried the mojito > approved! 


Very nice restaurant I got to know during this trip. This Italian restaurant serves fresh dishes. Their menu is small, but has a variety in sorts of dishes. Their main courses always include two types of pasta, one choice of risotto, two meat dishes, one fish dish and one Bio Plate, which is totally organic and vegan. Yay!

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Aiyanna is a very stylish and trendy restaurant located at the beach of Cala Nova. "The cuisine concept is a modern take on the traditional Mediterranean offerings, with bold, fresh flavours, organic local produce, superfoods and innovative sharing plates. Many ingredients are plucked daily from Aiyanna Ibiza’s own organic vegetable garden while the freshest fish and meat are sourced from the island’s very best suppliers." The food was great and staff was super friendly. Definitely worth going there for your lunch break.

Super peaceful and calm bay. Babylon beach has around twenty sunbeds and serves delicious food in their restaurant. The staff running this club were so so friendly and genuine. Without a doubt going back next time that I'm in Ibiza.