Ibiza mornings

Hi guys! Here you go, another outfit I wore in Ibiza that I want to share with you. This is a rather basic outfit but mind the details. Platforms for summer and winter are IT! The ones I’m wearing here can be found on omoda.com.
Omoda is actually a website I frequently visit to look for affordable, yet stylish shoes. Also the system behind this webshop is very user-friendly. Once you select a pair of shoes, you are able to ship them to an Omoda shop nearby and try them on before you buy them. So if the shoes don’t fit or if you’d like to try them in other colors, no problem. As I’m always in doubt when buying shoes on the internet, this system is very easy and I use it a lot. DENIM BABY! I’m wearing a denim skirt by Levis – place to be when it comes to denim –. Normally I'm not a huge fan of short skirts as I find it pretty uncomfortable, so as I was checking out the Levis collection for this summer, I decided to go for the non-comfort zone piece: the denim skirt. Best choice! I wore ‘m in Ibiza and on my other trip as well, to Barcelona. Capturing the right colors in this outfit, I decided to wear my new khaki shirt by Zara, matching the platforms.  Next to that, I’m finishing the morning look with a huge pair of sunglasses. Honestly? I might be covering up a pair of lovely bags under my eyes (oops). Enough for now. I'm going for a drink with my friends to celebrate the new semester of university :) Talk to you later and have a nice evening!


I'm wearing:
LEVIS skirt| ZARA top| OMODA shoes | BERSHKA sunglasses

Pictures by Billie Gielen