Sober lines at C-mine

Hi guys! Long time no see, woopsie! I had a lot on my mind with school, but here I am again, with this shoot that was entirely shot at C-mine in Genk. One year ago we actually shot this blogpost out there and I thought why not shoot once again at the lovely C-MINE site. Let me introduce you to one of the coolest places in Belgium. C-mine is actually a cultural and recreational site, which is located on an old mining site, in the eastern part of Belgium. Even at this point in time, you are able to see the old buildings that were renovated and are used in a new way today. Also they turned one part of the buildings into a museum that gives you the ability to imagine the mining activities that started there in the 20th century. Another catchy element on the site of C-mine is the Labyrinth, a unique wander through a steel maze with 1 km of corridors on the C-mine square. In there you will discover spaces with subtle details that will make sure you experience the setting from new viewpoints. It is the ultimate expression of what C-mine stands for: a site that produces creativity AND inspires you. The installation was designed by the art and architecture duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The two young designers "opted for a labyrinth installation because labyrinths are of all times and the role they play has evolved over the years. Ranging from challenges people had to overcome to survive, to adventure tours." Billie and I got lost while discovering this unique place, oops! Now more about the outfit that I'm wearing here. Minimalism is often ought to be 'the trend' these days. I must say that I like a combination of a more minimal and sober look, yet in combination with some 'oversizeness'. This skirt had my immediate attention, because of its 'passive' look, yet the size and look has something MORE. One way, you can wear it to be subtle, but also to stand out with a striking maxi skirt. For this shoot, I wanted to keep it subtle, in combination with the 'calmness' and sense of peace you find at C-mine. Creating a more soft and gallant look was definitely the purpose in this look. Obviously I will be trying the more extravagant look for with this skirt soon! Oh by the way, I'm wearing my first pair of glasses, as my eyes started to not see stuff at a distance of 20 meters in front of me. Now I'm off to class! Enjoy the pictures, I'm super excited about them :) Oh and do consider visiting C-mine, I'm sure you'd love it!


I'm wearing: NIKKIE skirt - H&M blouse - ACE&TATE glasses - ZARA shoes - NICOLE VIENNA watch

Pictures by: Billie Gielen