The velvet way

Hi folks! What's up? First of all: happy new year! I hope for you to chase your dreams this year and I wish you all the best of luck succeeding in the goals you set for yourself. This is actually the first post of 2017 and I wasn't even realizing that when selecting the pictures for this post (woops). I'm currently studying for my finals, so my attention levels have dropped below average at this moment. At the beginning of this season La Redoute and I decided to have a collaboration to celebrate their collection with Louis Gabriel Nouchi. La Redoute has always supported young French talents by working with upcoming designers. For autumn / fall 2016 six young designers were given the chance to bring their own interpretation of the French style. As a result, a unique collection was created in which the many facets of French women are highlighted. One of these designers was Louis Gabriel Nouchi who was inspired by menswear and created more sophisticated silhouettes. Two items of his collection were an immediate match with my personal style: a white (not that basic) shirt and black trousers with a white touch. Scroll down to see the detailed pictures of the shirt and be amazed by those cool and unique details. Also the deep cut at the sides of this shirt are pretty cool. Especially in this combination with the trousers, they meet the ultimate purpose: revealing. The trousers seem basic but I like the fact that they have these white stripes and by that they have this extra aspect about them. By the way, how adorable are these socks! Wearing socks in heels seems to be a trend these days, but I'm actually an all-time fan of this thing, because I'm just not a fan of toes and seeing toes in shoes (personal dislike going on here haha). Soooo since I have these elegant socks by Wolford, I thought I'd combine them with my new amazing velvet heels. As you know, I'm not a heels person, rather a sneakers one, but from time to time a pair of these feet-leg-back-killers can persuade me of buying them. Their color! Their height! Velvet! Come on, who would not fall for these? Gone with the all black and white outfit, in with the Bordeaux velvet touch!

I'm wearing:

Pictures by Billie Gielen.