MACBA - One of the tips Anouk, who lived in Barcelona for a year, gave me is to sit around at Macba, Barcelona’s museum for contemporary art in the weekend. The square in front of the museum is usually filled with skaters, where you find yourself in this cosy atmosphere. We wanted to visit the museum too but it had already closed when we arrived (so check the timetable before heading there!).

SAGRADA FAMILIA - Inevitable to visit when in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Of course! As we did not have to much time that day, we did not visit the inside of the church, but next time I will, as some friends of mine told me that the inside is beautiful. I must admit that I thought the church would have been bigger. Apparently I’m the only one who thinks so ;)

BREAKFAST AT BRUNCH AND CAKEI had been recommended to go to Brunch and Cake by at least 6 people, so we went there. I have to be honest: the waffle with the egg was not the best. Wrong choice I guess, because the dishes of the other clients looked ah-mazing. Ours did too as you see in the picture above, but we both did not like the taste. Sad coincidence I think.. Oh and try to avoid Sunday mornings, because it is soooo busy that you might have to wait a few minutes for a table.

FLAX & KALEWe did not make it to Flax & Kale because of the lack in time, but a lot of people recommended this place and when passing this place I looked super cool. Flax & Kale is flexitarian restaurant, which means that they serve vegetarian food with a small amount of animal protein. 

LA BOQUERIALa Boqueria is a food market next to the Ramblas. It is filled with tourists, but has an cosy maybe a bit crowdy atmosphere. You have these different food spots where you can find dishes going from paella to fresh fruit to delicious ham. Definitely worth having a look over there at lunch time. Tip: the paella spot in the right corner is really nice and the paella tasted really good.

BAR NOLLAWhen looking for a nice place to eat tapas, we bumped into Bar Nolla, a real tapas bar specialized in fish tapas. You’re surrounded by locals and the place has a beautiful interior. We ordered different tapas which were all very yummie, but make sure you try the meatball with a fish taste. Sounds weird, but it tastes good! A standard tapas dish that I order when in Spain is Octopus Galician style (see upper picture), which is a little little spicy and soooo delicious!

TYPOGRAPHIA We found this place when strolling around in the Gracia district. You find the coolest t-shirts with unique prints at Typographia and for a very moderate price. Oh and the Gracia district is very nice to just chill and get away from the crowdy vibe in the city centre.

BEIRUT Fan of cocktails? Not afraid of trying something new? Go to the Beirut Bar! The bar is very very cool and the interior is absolutely crazy. The bartender made us some delicious and fascinating cocktails, so I would definitely recommend this place for a drink!

KINO Nice (tapas) bar next to Macba. We noticed this place because of its one table with old chairs right outside the bar. Perfect to hang out and start your evening! Do note that you are not able to get a coffee after 11 PM ;)