Dear reader, here I am presenting you one of my all time favorite collabs with the one and only Joppe De Campeneere aka beauty guru and one of Belgium's finest upcoming online talents. We decided to put our minds together and create this editorial for H&M's unisex collection, Denim United, which will be available  from the 23th of April on.

As H&M reached out to us, we thought it'd be cool to get rid of gender differences and create this 'looking alike, but not' vibe. (Damn it's so hard to explain your imagination). Being in the presence of a beauty queen while I am not at allll a beauty expert, we kept our make-up simple but we did want this special touch. That's why we decided to extend the white stripes, present on the two-piece, into our face. Discrete, but powerful.

"With this collection, his and hers clothing are one in the same, blurring borders and challenging norms. Traditional style is revisited with menswear and womenswear, borrowing both materials and silhouettes from one another. The result is a sustainable, modern collection for everyone."

I personally find it liberating to being able to shop in unisex collections as you get rid of the cliché female cut. I often find myself buying male pieces and combining them with female pieces. Why not? So yay for gender mishmash outfits, I'd say. Why buy only pieces that fit into your so-called gender section, when there's a male section with garments that you can also wear. Self-reflective moment: while writing this post, I'm actually wearing my dad's old jeans and my most girlish T-shirt. 

During our shoot, Joppe mentioned that this collection actually could be defined as a male closet. Apart from the tunic, there isn't a very daring piece for men to wear in this collection. I must say I agree with that. Check out his post to read his unvarnished opinion on this matter. 

More about Joppe. We got to know each other on and offline a few years ago now. While getting to know him and reading his amazing articles for his blog ánd for great Belgian magazines, he is to me a hugely inspiring creature. Talking about LGBT rights and issues, introducing beauty routines for men and just being himself makes him not only a strong person, but also an inspiration to people of all ages. Make sure you check out his blog (here) and the latest article he wrote for Knack Weekend (here).

Hope you liked this post as much as I do. Feel free to leave a comment up here or on my socials. Thanks for checking in! Talk to you soon!


Pictures by wonderful Billie Gielen.

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