Hello, you! Today I'm sharing a very ambitious and exciting online campaign by Spa with you. As I was part of this campaign, I will be talking about my experience, why I joined the campaign and some of the details about this new technique they constructed for this campaign. Thought that would be awesome to share with you :) 

Of course I was immediately sold, when Spa contacted me to be one of the faces for their campaign, where they would be experimenting with this new technology of photography. Basically, what they did was using a tiny drop of Spa water as the lens to shoot this campaign. The entire campaign was shot this way by the very talented Dutch photographer, Robin de Puy. She was such professional and nice person to work with. I asked her about her love for black and white photography and she answered as follows: "I try to sort of simplify my images, to make them pure. The focus on shapes and emotion are crucial to me. To me, colour is actually - as long as it is not a specific choice - not an added value, it is rather a distraction". Amazing to talk to her as she is known for her pure and unprejudiced photography work, most of the times in black and white. 

For the shoot, I travelled to Amsterdam together with Brussels based YouTuber and model Timothy De Mudiayi and Lotte, our contact at Spa. Arriving at the studio, our make-up was entirely removed (yes, my mascara, which is the only make-up I usually wear), to create indeed 'the purest' picture of us. Being surrounded by a lot of people, Robin and I started looking for the right angle and eventually shot. As I said, such a cool experience, especially because there was no actual camera. Just a diaphragm and the plate on which the water drop was applied. Check out the video below to see how this worked.

I think the results are amazing. Definitely stunned by the pure and sharp look of the pictures and I love the fact that it also has this grain-like-look to it as if it was a layer. Thanks again for the opportunity, Spa! So that was that, hope you like the result and see you on online!


Find the other results below. Want to see the final movie that was shot? Click on the first picture below.