Aloha from my uber-sunny-study-desk! The weather in Belgium (finally) started to get better last week, yay! Sooo I decided to put on the dress I bought already a month ago, which I could not wear while there was nothing but clouds and rain keeping our little country company. As you might haven noticed, I'm a fan of long, elegant dresses. In this case very elegant: look at that fine slit! I actually found this one on Zalando and felt like this would be the ideal dress for our Belgian spring weather situation. Long sleeves, a nice V-cut neckline and the slit below. Last weekend I went to this party and combined the dress with a rather edgy black leather jacket and that worked well: the femininity of the dress which contrasts with the more 'rough' look of the leather jacket. Personally, the contrasting-game when it comes to outfits is something I often do to keep my looks interesting and not obvious. Also I find it very hard to walk the line of one particular 'style'. Furthermore I thought it could create something extra, literally, to combine the dotted-dress with some more dots in my shoes, by Whatfor. Whatfor opened their first store in Le Marais, Paris, and that's where it started. It became an international brand, which is now sold in around 500 stores. The shoes are made in specialized factories: one creative laboratory in Paris and one in Venice. Definitely a brand to keep an eye on! What I try to do in another outfit with this dress is combining it with a very colourful pair of shoes to contrast the dark blue color of the dress. So that is that. Not a fan of short blogposts at allll, but I have to keep this one rahter short, as I have to get back to studying! Hope you like it :) Talk to you soon!


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Pictures by Billie Gielen.