Hello peeps of the sun (at least the Belgian ones 😊)! How’s everything? I’m sharing this rather greenish look today on the blog. Bumped into this really cool trenchcoat at Weekday last week. Not a walking-out-without-a-jacket/coat-person. Thanks to my dad who has always watched my go out the door to go to school and forced me to take a jacket/coat with me. Becauseee ‘what if the weather would suddenly, out of nowhere change’. Guess that made me precautious too. Also the weather in Belgium is just too volatile. In summer though, this is very difficult, because you want to wear something light and easy to take with you. Well, trenches are it! Pretty much your best choice during this sunny period. Also: GREEN, yes! Seriously, I’m not a huge fan of the colour green, not a hater either, but THIS kind of green caught my eye immediately. It is this kind of dark, yet soft green that fits a lot of other colours. Tested and approved. Passe-par-tout as my mom would say! By the way: I found this cute little ring and earring at Weekday too. They know how to create really casual, yet cool pieces. Oh and keep an eye on their collaborations with other brands.

Talking glasses now. Continuing the green vibe, I combined this green trench with a pair of green optical glasses by neubau eyewear. Waw, this is a brand you should really keep an eye on. They’re based in Austria and expanding fast. Why are they worth remembering? Well, they’re using a new sort of polymer, which is eco-friendly and is being used in every product from April 2017 on. The product, naturalPX, is made from organically sourced and renewable primary products. 65% of the naturalPX is based on an oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants, also known as “the miracle tree”. This way they are supporting the environment's natural cycle. By using this product, they are able to have the very minimal of waste. Also the case is made eco-friendly, as it is manufactured from a cellulose base and without any need for glue. Plus, the cleaning cloth is made from recycled PET bottles. They really thought about the details and that’s why I really wanted to share their story with you. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to contact me if you have questions about neubau eyewear 😊

About the location: Billie and I started strolling around the city and bumped into this really peaceful place, which is actually in the middle of the city. Love it!


I’m wearing:
WEEKDAY coat | NEUBAU EYEWEAR optical glasses | FILIPPA K shirt | -VINTAGE- trousers | WEEKDAY jewellery | ASOS shoes

Pictures by Billie Gielen