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Hi peeps! How are you doing? I just got back from my trip to Ibiza. Again: what an amazing island. Wrote about my favorite places last September as I went to this amazing island for the first time back then (find that blogpost here). This time Billie and I shot two looks on the island of Ibiza. For this first one we sought to carry out a more starry-eyed and wavy vibe for this shoot we did in Ibiza. The second one will be online soon :)

In stores now is the Nautical Cool, Pre-Autumn 2017 collection by Baum und Pferdgarten, a Danish brand about whom I've written several times on my blog. The thing is: I adore this brand and their many wonderful collections, in which I seem to find myself over and over again. Designers Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave know exactly how to create these designs that embody femininity, grace but also how to add that right amount of grunge or coolness to their designs. I feel like this is definitely the case for this dress, which embraces fragility as well as some boldness, which is created through the sleeves. As an introduction to this collection, they wrote: "Let go the anchor, raise the sail, and dream away to unexplored shores! Sea has been triggering men’s curiosity by its fascinating daunting nature since the beginning of time; from the heroic journey of the Odyssey, Hemingway’s poetic interpretation to Cousteau’s exploration of the deep blue world. Baum und Pferdgarten celebrate the pleasant moments spent on the seashore in the sun or in the moonlight by empowering a maritime-inspired wardrobe for the sailor women anno 2017.

I'm finishing this look with a great pair of sunglasses by neubau eyewear. A few weeks ago I wrote about them in an other blogpost, wearing one of their optical glasses (find the post here). As mentioned in that post, neubau eyewear uses a new sort of polymer, which is eco-friendly and made from organically sourced and renewable primary products. This means that their ecological footprint is minimalized. More details can be found in the previous blogpost, but I did keep one cool fact for this blogpost. 

In the light of the SEE&DO GOOD project, neubau eyewear supports concepts that show consideration to the environment we live in. They support fa├žade greening in Vienna, cooperate with a bee conservancy in New York City, or team up with gabarage. This last project is an upcycling firm where new and useful products are created from used materials. Another reason for me to share their story. Being a fairly young brand, but having a vision on how to support and protect the environment points out their courage and social consciousness. Two very strong elements that I very much appreciate about neubau eyewear. Find out more about this on their website or have a look at some of their amazing pictures on their Instagram account.

That's that for now :) Hope you like the pictures and information about two brands that I wanted to talk to you about today. Feel free to send me questions or notes on whatever you want :) See you soon!


Pictures by Billie Gielen.

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