My favorite places in Crete

Crete baby! I spend my last two weeks on the lovely island of Crete with the people I love. So I decided to capture and gather my favourite places I discovered out there. First of all, as usual when visiting an island, it is a MUST to hire a car and drive around. Go hunt unique locations. In fact that's what I did and this is the result :) Here we go!


Thalassino Ageri, Chania - I guess the most beautiful place to have dinner in Chania. It is located a bit outside of the busy city center, but definetely worth going there to taste their delicious fresh fish. It is a real old-school family business and their prices are fair for the great fresh products you get.

Prima Plora, Rhetimnon - Another amazing place to have dinner. It's located right outside the city of Rhetimnon. Prima Plora is an organic restaurant which serves a variety of dishes and has super friendly staff. Loved it!

Balos Beach - As I'm not able to share ALL the cool beaches in Crete, I wanted to share especially this one with you. Balos beach is, as you can see in the pictures, a unique and super pretty beach. Beware: the road to this beach requires a solid car and some driving skills :) The road takes you to an improvised parking lot, from which you'll have to walk to the beach. The walk down takes twenty minutes, but the whole operation is worth the effort. One VERY important tip that was given to me by locals and which you'll want to know too is: GO EARLY! Busses and tourists arrive at 10 o'clock in the morning. Try to be earlier, because once they arrive, the place gets really crowded. What we did: we arrived at 9 o'clock and moved to some other beaches around noon. 

Gramvousa Restaurant, Kissamos - the ideal stop when you return from Balos beach. It takes you twenty minutes to get there from Balos Beach and from this point you can go futher to other beaches. Their food is delicious and their dishes are all homemade. Make sure you ask for their specialities, which were delicious. A nice extra is the amazing view you have from up the hill that they are located on. 

Bazaki, Chania - hidden gem in the streets of Chania, close to the Old Market. Bazaki is an alternative bar specialized in cocktails and juices so perfect place to stop for an apero.

Ble, Rhetimnon - little shoes store specialized in leather shoes. The shoes are all handmade in Crete. I bought suuuper pretty heels in this shop and will definitely post about them up here soon :)

Rhetimnon - the city of Rhetimnon is actually pretty calm and has my preference instead of Chania, which is way more touristic and busy. Lovely city to hang around :)

Shop in Tzane Bouliali, Rhetimnon - I have no idea how to translate the name of this typical Greek shop so you'll have to look for it yourself in the Bouliali street. Great place to buy typical Greek products and find presents to take home with you. The old lady who owns this place likes to hand out some products so that you can really taste them. Especially their Raki, which is homemade, is great!