5 hotspots in Ghent

Hello there! Thanks for checking out my Ghent guide ;) In this post I want to share some of the cool places I have discovered in Ghent during a day trip to this amazing city. Actually, I very very rarely visit Ghent. Don't ask me why, because I have no clue. 

This time, I was invited by Liesje, a young woman who started her own company in travelguides, Loomies. Basically, Loomies plans your day trip to Ghent in terms of food, coffee and cultural places, saving you a lot of time and effort. I really liked the places her guide (a cute booklet) took me from lunch to coffee to dinner. Great day! Make sure you check out her website, if you'd like to have some more information. 

Apart from her tips, I looked for some cool locations myself, as I can't stop myself from looking for cool places in cities that I'll be visiting (oops) :) Hope you like them! 


O'YO (Brabantdam 82) - It would be stupid to share every single spot Liesje from Loomies sent me to, so I'm sharing the one I liked the most: O'YO. O'YO is the perfect place to enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake. Oh and to if you want, they have take away too!

SKINS (Korenmarkt 16 'Oude Postkantoor') - SKINS is a niche cosmetics store, where you'll find great quality perfumes, make-up, skin cleansers, skin lotions, etc. All from niche brands, who value quality instead of quantity. Yes! The store is located inside the old postal office of Ghent, together with two other shops. The ideal place to shelter from the rain :)

The well-known Graffiti Street (Werregarenstraat) - I wish I could say that this is a hidden gem of Ghent, but it's not. Sorry about that :) Buttt, it's worth going there, as the walls of this street change constantly thanks to a lot of talented street artists, who are free to decorate it as they please.

Mie Vie (Serpentstraat 28) - A great vegan sandwich bar, about which I've read a lot, but unfortunately I just had lunch, so I wasn't able to taste their food myself. I do want to share this one up here, as I think a lot of you might be interested in a nice vegan alternative :) Hope to be checking this one out soon!

Tip! Don't miss the stairs next to the water, so that you can follow the paths that are alongside of the Leie. You really get to see a different side of Ghent.

A few more pictures I took during my day trip to Ghent