Loud places

Aloha! Today I'm sharing an early-fall look including my new coat for this fall and winter. I know I know, it's pretty early to be sharing winter clothing, but hey this Belgian weather is not helping here. To the people who are non-Belgians and reading this: bless yourself, because you're probably having a much better September month than us, Belgians :)

Enough complaining and self-pity and more about this look. An instant crush on this amazing fake fur (!) coat by Second Female is an understatement. In my looks, I always try to have one 'key piece' around which I build the entire look. In this case: the print coat. This is actually the piece that made me fall in love with this new brand that was brought to my attention, "Launched in 2000 in Copenhagen, Second Female creates feminine and sophisticated easy-to-wear essentials, designed in a beautiful palette of soft colors and refined prints." Their collections underline the Scandinavian values of effortless luxury and functionality. Their design philosophy: creating a wardrobe that embodies all the comfort and confidence, a woman needs to express her personal appearance. I must say that both comfort and confidence match perfectly with the look that I want to put forward in my daily looks. 

Another brand that I would like to tell you more about in this blogpost is Rara Jewelry. I discovered their brand on Instagram and was amazed by their story. This jewelry brand was established in 2015 by two brothers Val and Valentine Wikstrem, after they had been traveling in Asia discovered the precious world of gemstones. They realized that it was a calling at that stage of life to try something new. And they did. They started collecting these stones and became jewelers by learning everything about gemology and jeweller’s art. All gemstones are natural and each ring is custom-made. In this look I combined two rings, but I wear them separate too.

While writing this blogpost in the middle of the night, the 2015 song Loud Places by Jamie xx was playing on repeat. Sooo I thought let's name this blogpost after this wonderful song. Now I'm going for a good night rest. Talk to you soon, peeps!


Pictures by Billie Gielen

I'm wearing:
SECOND FEMALE coat and jumper | RARA JEWELRY rings | MONKI trousers