Love, Mickey Mouse

Salut, les gars! I'm back from my trip to Disneyland Paris with some friends. Why Disneyland Paris? Well actually, if you had not noticed before (which I doubt), the house of the famous Micky Mouse celebrates its 25th birthday. Sooo Monica, Anouk, Julie and I decided to go behave like big kids and enjoy the Disney atmosphere out there. Great idea, I know! In fact, it has been since my 6th birthday that I have been to Disneyland Paris. I did go to the wonderful Disneyworld in Orlando twice, so it's funny to compare both movie parks. Very different, but each with its European and American charm.

We had two days of nothing but fun. Well it would be odd for four girls not to have the time of their lives in a parc like Disneyland. Especially testing all these rollercoaster of which I had no idea of how crazy they would be, was amazing. "Waw, I did not see that one coming" was a quite common conclusion. Apart from the great time we had, my legs had a pretty rough time crossing the entire parc. Seriously, the parc is so so big. Even today (as in: two days later), every muscle in my legs is still completely sore.

A short overview to conclude this blogpost:

-  Best rollercoaster: Big Thunder Mountain
-  Craziest rollercoaster: Hyperspace Mountain
-  Best restaurant: Agrabah CafĂ© (Moroccan, Mediterranean buffet)
-  Favorite animation character: Minnie Mouse