Aloha peeps, how are you doing? I've been super busy currently so excuse me for my absence. In short: I've been working on a kickass master thesis, which is a work in progress, in combination with participating in a super interesting but very intense Master Course in Political Communication. Anyways, let's skip this boring part and move on to this blogpost about which I want to tell you today! 

Taking a break is super important to keep up with yourself and allow your brain to relax. So that's what Billie and I did. One of the things that we love to do together is visit museums or art galleries. In this case we went to the (FANTASTIC) exposition of Ai Weiwei, an activist and contemporary artist. Activist? Yes, indeed. Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing and openly critized the Chinese Government in terms of their stance on democracry and human rights. In 2015 Amnesty Interantional actually gave him the "Ambassador of Conscience Award", which he could not receive himself as he was forbidden to leave his country by the Chinese government. Apart from that he's a contemporary artist, known for his architectural work, documentaries, installations ànd photography. "The exhibition at FOMU includes both seminal political statements such as Study of Perspective (1995-2011) and his daily stream of selfies and snapshots on social media. On Twitter and Instagram, Ai recorded the years he spent under constant surveillance by the Chinese government, he documents his art and the people he encounters, and shows his ongoing commitment to pressing social and political issues, including the worldwide refugee condition" (FOMU, 2017).

"Ai’s radical visual critique of human rights violations, abuse of power, and the unchecked state control of the Chinese government in particular has made him into one of the world’s most important contemporary artists." (FOMU, 2017)

For this location I picked a somewhat classy but casual look, including this outstanding laptop bag, for which I have been searching for quite some time now. I actually found this one at Duifhuizen, a Dutch family business that started almost 65 years ago. Over the years it became one of the biggest providers of bags and suitcases in The Netherlands and Belgium. Altogether they own 25 stores and run their own webshop with high-quality products. As I will be doing an internship in February and March, I had been looking for a stylish, comfortable, not too small, not too big laptop bag in which I can put all my stuff. I actually bumped into this one on the webshop of Duifhuizen and apart from the quality of the leather, size, etc. this one was actually not too expensive at all for its qualifications. Instant match, ofcourse! So I thought I should share this story with you and hopefully if you're looking for a decent bag of suitcase, this shop can be usefull for you too! Oh and by the way: they ship worldwide!

Pictures by Billie Gielen.

I'm wearing: ASOS trousers | VINTAGE blouse | DUIFHUIZEN laptop bag | MANGO earrings | ALL-STARS shoes