Urban Jungle

Hello you! Hope you're all good. What I want to start this post with: if you have not payed a visit to Dansing Chocola (Antwerp), it's time! It is located in the famous Kloosterstraat and is one of my favorite places in this neighbourhood to drink fresh mint tea. The atmosphere is great: super friendly staff and you're surround by books. Wheter you sit in- or outside, you'll feel at ease immediately. Their menu is very diverse with a slight preference for vegetarian dishes, so veggies: this is a must on your to do list. Grab a friend or a book and check this place out. This reminds me that 'writing a blogpost on my favorite Antwerp places' is in serious delay. I'll be doing that soon! 

As Billie and I took a break from our internships, working on papers and our thesis: we decided to stroll around through the Kloosterstraat and of course ended up in Dansing Chocola for a fresh mint tea. So we ended up shooting this look I received from Q/S Designed by. You know I've talked about them before as I really want to support this small, yet ambitious brand. Their February collection is all about the city: a coming together of a different cultures and influences in a small area, which results in the creation of new styles and trends. So this city life was the main inspiration for this leather jacket and denim shirt, among others. Thumbs up (literally) for this leather jacket by the way: it fits great, feels very soft and looks amazing. Perfect for this kind of (Belgian) weather situation :)

Urban city: 'The city. The term refers to its streets, alleys, subway system, inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds and schools. Usually a metropolis characterized by densely packed residential buildings, businesses and a decaying industrial sector. 
In the 1970's, the urban jungle was referred to as "the street". Also known as "the concrete jungle"." (Urban Dictionary)


Pictures by Billie Gielen.

I'm wearing: Q/S DESIGNED BY leather jacket and blouse | BIMBA Y LOLA shoes.