Buy less, buy better

Hello, you! I'm taking a quick break from working on my thesis scription to write this blogpost and talk some more about the Danish brand I've mentioned before: minimum. As said: I've known this brand for some time now. One of the aspects that make me really enthousiastic about this brand is the fact that they do not (!) produce their clothing at the expense of humans, animals or the environment. I feel like very few brands are aware of what they sell and how they create their products. We, as consumers of a lot of products, have to become more aware of the background of products we buy. Especially my generation, which has they key to turn the tide and make this planet earth a better place to live. I combined the trousers with a basis cotton body, but I did also combine it with a red striped T-shirt one time. It surprisingly fits with a lot of colors, prints: as my mom would call it: a passe-partout! Also something I'm trying to do more: buy pieces of clothing that I can combine with a lot of clothes, which allows me to reinvent outfits multiple times. Buy less, buy better, buy authentic.


Pictures by Billie Gielen.

I'm wearing: 
MINIMUM trousers - NO NAME shoes