Mikkeller & Street Food Reffen. Street Food Reffen is a MUST! After closing down Papirøen, this place is the perfect location to enjoy some good street food next to the water. Next to the Street Food Reffen, you'll find Mikkeller, which is a microbrewery where beerlovers can try out beers.

Stefano's Kaffee & Mad. One word: BREAKFAST! Choose 3, 5 or 7 little dishes and enjoy your own personalised breakfast. Their concept is perfect for people like me who want to taste almost everything that is on the menu. Moreover Stefano's is right around the corner of Jægersborggade, a street with the coolest (little) shops and coffeebars in Nørrebro.

Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Danish Library). The Black Diamond from the seaside or this university library is one of a kind. Make sure you go inside and get overwhelmed by the architecture. Oh and check out there website to see which exhibitions are currently running. By the way: Wikipedia tells me The Black Diamond is among the largest libraries in the world. 

La Banchina. Bike up to Banchina and enjoy the carefully chosen drinks and food next to the water. This is definitely a place where you'll only find locals.

Sonny. Place to be for coffee and cherries :)

BOB Biomio Organic Bistro. We visited this organic bistro, which is located in Meatpacking, described as "a mecca for young hipsters, with good restaurants and a vibrant nightlife alongside the city's slaughterhouses" ( Great place to have lunch or dinner! 

SCOOPS. Perfect biking-stop in the afternoon to enjoy the amazing view while having a delicious ice cream (100% organic by the way). 

Skuespilhuset (Royal Danish Playhouse). After stopping at Scoop, bike to the Royal Danish Playhouse which is right around the corner. The building is pretty impressive. You can have a drink out there on their terrace as well.

Far's Dreng. Another great place to have breakfast! Everything is home made and prepared with love!

Designmuseum. To be honest, not the best museum I have ever visited, buuuut I really liked the space in which different sorts of chairs were displayed. Make sure you pull out the middle sections for detailed information about the different chairs. Oh and there is a semi-large hidden garden, which is remarkable as the museum is located in the middle of the city.

Vognmagergade. Into shopping? Make sure you visit the Vognmagergade (street) in the center of Copenhagen and start from there to discover some great Danish brands. One of those shops I really wanted to visit, as I'm a big fan, is Baum und Pferdgarten. Their signature store up there is beautiful. Another brand I did not know before but which I really loved is Han Kjøbenhavn. Apart from those two, a lot of great store are located in the surrounding streets.

Torvehallerne - PALEO. This is an outside foodhallen with a lot of different influences and shops. We got a quick delicious lunch at Paleo. 

Frederiksberg Palace. Want to hang out in a park? You have quiet some choice in Copenhagen. The park in front of and surrounding the Frederiksberg Palace is one of the parks my friend showed me and my favorite!

Søndre Campus. As my friend is studying in Copenhagen at the moment, she showed me around on her university campus. What a different setting from our Belgian universities! If you have some spare time to bike up there: it's worth it! 

Superkilen. Huge stripes on the ground in the middle of the city. Go have a look!