Slim Aarons

Hello you! First of all, if you have not heard of Slim Aarons or his work, go look it up! Second of all, his gorgeous images have been one of the inspirations for the Pre-Fall collection of the Danish brand, Baum und Pferdgarten. The dress that I'm wearing belongs to that collection and I find the resemblances, especially in color tones, remarkable. Opposite to the work of this American photographer and the light, easy going colors he uses in his work, I wanted to create a much darker look and feel in this blogpost.

“We’ve always had a great fascination of the photographer Slim Aarons. His images are truly amazing because they capture a glorified and secret life that was only kept for the privileged of that time. It has inspired us to create a collection influenced by the easy and carefree life, where summer never seem to end and worries are always far away. We ended up with a collection filled with casual glam.” - Creative Directors Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten

The Beguinage, an almost secret garden in the middle of the city center of Antwerp, seemed like the ideal location to create this contrasting feel. The sixteenth century garden in the middle of the Beguinage had captured our eye before and so we decided to shoot this look up here. This place is an oasis of peace and quiet and that is the exact look and feel I wanted to create for this blogpost and the dress that I'm wearing here. Funny detail: this place is very close to the university I've been studying at for the four past years and only after three years we discovered this hidden gem.


Pictures by Billie Gielen.

I'm wearing: BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN dress | ZEROUV glasses | DR MARTENS shoes