Nothing new

No new clothing in this blogpost. Why? I want to show you that (rewearing and) recombining clothes is something I really like to do. To me it is not all about wearing new clothes and following the prevailing trends. If you have been an all-time-reader of this blog you'll know that already :) In times of a drastically changing climate and environment, low wage labour and child labour, I do think that our generation should be very conscious about what they buy and wear. The famous ' shop 'till you drop' is not what I believe in and what I would never want to radiate or encourage on this blog. Interested in these topics as well? Feel free to send me a message. Would love to hear your thoughs! Want to read a similar blogpost where I write about buying less but buying better? Follow this link. So this blogpost consists of a second hand shirt, a pair of trousers that I've had for somewhat three years, a handbag by Everlane, an American brand that focuses on 'modern basics' and a pair of studded boots by Sasha that are an all-seasons item. I'll be wearing them all year long, whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall. Why not? They're super comfortable and a true passe-partout. Plus they make me put my so beloved sneakers aside for once :) Maybe this would be a good challenge to feature them in an outfit during wintertime as well? 
About the location of this post: Berchem. A district in Antwerp where I usually do not head, but this week my friend Julie and I decided to have a look around out there. We discovered this very cosy hidden street practically next to a very busy street and with a very pretty lighting, so we took the pictures for this post out here. For now, I'm off to enjoy some great coffee in the sun and start to read some books that have been on my reading list forever now. Talk to you later!


Pictures by Julie Geilenkirchen. Edit by me.

I'm wearing: 
SASHA shoes - EVERLANE handbag - PULL & BEAR trousers - second hand shirt